Culture & Values

At Salud Pediatrics, we have a set of core values designed to function as a blueprint. These values define our culture as an organization as well as serve as guiding principles. Moreover, they ensure we remain committed to our purpose as healthcare providers.



Promote the healthy development of all children and their families so that they can fulfill their potential to our collective well-being and future prosperity.



To become the community leader in pediatric care & patient experience.

Inspired by the vision of a brighter future for all children, we are committed to helping each child reach his or her full potential
Joanna E. Betancourt




A patient-centric approach is a blueprint that exemplifies our attitudes towards our work, our patients, and their families. But more importantly, it is about embracing the notion that we are here for our patients. Not the other way around. Fundamentally, embracing the patient service notion is about treating patients and their families as you would like to be treated.


Servant-Leadership is about putting the needs of others first, while also offering guidance, direction, and assurance. It is about openness, awareness of other's needs or ideas and taking them into account.


Ordinary quality of care standards or providing an average patient experience does not fulfill our mission. But delivering - more than is expected - in everything we do helps us reach our vision.


When we grow, we learn. And when we learn, we change for the better. Thus, change is not only a reality but a by-product of growth. And whether it's one team member or all get better, everybody wins.